About Sylvia

If you've clicked to this page, you must have some slight interest in learning a little about Sylvia Nickels, the almost Tennessee native, since I've lived in Tennessee much, much longer than I lived in Georgia, the state in which I was born and grew up.

While I won't tell my actual age right out here in public on the internet, if you really want to know, I'm sure you'll ferret out the magic number. Perhaps a word in the titles at the top of the page will give an inkling. How many sharecroppers are around these days? To me it does seem unbelievable that I've lived as many years as I have. Few, if any, of my hard-working forebears lived as many years. I trust they are all in a better place, enjoying many rewards for their toil on this earth.

I'll be adding more to this page, but I'm anxious to get this website up, for good or ill. If you, possibly, maybe, have been to this page before and thought, 'Adding exactly when, Sylvia?', I plead guilty to procrastination, in addition to other things! I knew there were errors on all the pages, and also knew it was going to take some time and determination on my part to sort them out. Ergo, procrastination. On the contact page I hope to produce there will be a form for contacting me, if anyone should wish to do so. I'm hoping I can produce a working page. I also plan to begin a newsletter to email to anyone who might want to receive it, but will also post it to its own page on this site.

See, I have plans! If you've read this far, you must be relative, friend, or a glutton for punishment. Strike that last one. My devout hope is that you're a reader/fan!!!

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