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If you've arrived on this page purposely or happened across it, welcome to my new web home. It is, of course, a work in progress.

FYI-In addition to shedding (unintentionally!) my old website, I'm also shedding some outside responsibilities so that I can concentrate more on my writing. I've enjoyed my time in a leadership position, it helped me so much to grow as a person. I hope I've helped some other people along the way. But it's time for new blood and new ideas. I look forward to participating in whatever comes next.

I love this video of a holographic whale in a school gym! I can watch it over and over. The technology has been around for a while. Virtual Reality (VR) games anyone?

Holographic whale

'Nother one for the kids!

Dragon to baseball park!

It's being touted as a way to have Virtual Reality zoos, for one thing. That way various animals wouldn't have to be held in captivity for kids to see animals they wouldn't otherwise ever get to see. I can see the advantages. And it would save captive animals who are held in cruel environments, mistreated.

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