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Lament for a Broken Girl

Okayyyy! A month or so has passed since I last posted here and the 3rd Cameron Locke, PI adventure will shortly be unveiled. Editing is done. Publisher will be sending final formatting for approval and cover designer the cover (which I really like!) to approve. Oh, and a video trailer is almost done. That will be posted here just as soon as I get the final .mp4 file. Can you tell I'm excited?

I've been largely absent from my own writing for lo, these many months. I could blame it on the extended absence of my Muse, her name is Yardley. She evidently took an extended sabbatical to who knows where. But she is back and cracking the whip, which is her job, of course. But first I have to wade through and clean up 2 or 3 manuscripts that have been patiently waiting to be published. One was almost ready before our, Yardley's and my, sabbatical started. My hope is to have it published within a couple of months.

Leaving this video of a holographic whale in a school gym up for a while longer 'cause I like it! I watch it over and over. The technology has been around for a while. Virtual Reality (VR) games anyone?

Holographic whale

'Nother one for the kids! And I like it, too!

Dragon to baseball park!

It's being touted as a way to have Virtual Reality zoos, for one thing. That way various animals wouldn't have to be held in captivity for kids to see animals they wouldn't otherwise ever get to see. I can see the advantages. And it would save captive animals who are held in cruel environments, mistreated.

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